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Coriolanus - Characters in the Play


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Coriolanus - Characters in the Play
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Characters in the Play

Characters in the Play
Caius Martius, later Caius Martius Coriolanus
Volumnia, his mother
Virgilia, his wife
Young Martius, their son
Valeria, friend to Volumnia and Virgilia
A Gentlewoman, Volumnia’s attendant
Menenius Agrippa, patrician
Cominius, patrician and general
Titus Lartius, patrician and military officer
Sicinius Velutus, tribune
Junius Brutus, tribune
Roman Senators, Patricians, Nobles
Roman Lieutenant
Roman Officers
Roman Aediles
Roman Herald
Roman Soldiers
Roman Citizens or Plebeians
Roman Messengers
A Roman defector, Nicanor
Tullus Aufidius, general of the Volscians
Volscian Conspirators of his faction
Three of his Servingmen
Volscian Senators, Lords
Volscian Lieutenant
Volscian Soldiers
Two of the Volscian Watch
Volscian People
A Volscian spy, Adrian
Citizen of Antium
Roman Lords, Gentry, Captains, Lictors, Trumpeters, Drummers, Musicians, Attendants, and Usher