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Henry VI, Part 3 - Characters in the Play


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Henry VI, Part 3 - Characters in the Play
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Characters in the Play

Characters in the Play
King Henry VI
Queen Margaret
Prince Edward
Lord Clifford
Earl of Northumberland
Earl of Westmorland
Duke of Exeter
Earl of Oxford
Sir John Somerville
Lancastrian supporters
Earl of Warwick
Marquess of Montague
Duke of Somerset
Supporters first of York,
then of Lancaster
Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York
Edward, Earl of March, later King Edward IV
George, later Duke of Clarence
Richard, later Duke of Gloucester
Sons of Richard,
Duke of York
Sir John Mortimer, York’s uncle
Lady Grey, later Queen Elizabeth
Earl Rivers, brother to the queen
Duke of Norfolk
Earl of Pembroke
Lord Stafford
Lord Hastings
Sir William Stanley
Sir John Montgomery
Yorkist supporters
King Lewis of France
Lady Bona, his sister-in-law
Rutland’s Tutor
A Son that has killed his father
A Father that has killed his son
First Gamekeeper
Second Gamekeeper
A Nobleman
First Watch
Second Watch
Third Watch
Lieutenant at the Tower of London
First Messenger
Second Messenger
Other Messengers
Mayor of York
Soldiers, Servants, Attendants, Drummers, Trumpeters, Sir Hugh Mortimer, Henry, Earl of Richmond, Aldermen of York, Mayor of Coventry, Nurse, the infant prince, and Others