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King John - Act 3, scene 2


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King John - Act 3, scene 2
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Act 3, scene 2

Scene 2


The Bastard, having killed the Duke of Austria, reports that he has rescued Queen Eleanor. Arthur, captured by John, is turned over to Hubert’s care.

Alarums, excursions.
Enter Bastard with Austria’s head.

1273  Now, by my life, this day grows wondrous hot.
1274  Some airy devil hovers in the sky
1275  And pours down mischief. Austria’s head lie there,
1276  While Philip breathes.
p. 103
Enter King John, Arthur, Hubert.

1277 5 Hubert, keep this boy.—Philip, make up.
1278  My mother is assailèd in our tent
1279  And ta’en, I fear.
BASTARD  1280  My lord, I rescued her.
1281  Her Highness is in safety, fear you not.
1282 10 But on, my liege, for very little pains
1283  Will bring this labor to an happy end.
They exit.