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King John

A scene from King John

Introduction to the play

Like most of Shakespeare’s history plays, King John presents a struggle for the English crown. The struggle this time, however, is strikingly cold-blooded and brutal.

John, the younger brother of the late Richard I, is the king, and a savage one. His opponent is a boy, his nephew Arthur, supported by the King of France and the Duke of Austria. After Arthur falls into John’s hands, John plots to torture him. Arthur’s capture gives Louis, the Dauphin of France, the opportunity to lay claim to John’s crown. John’s nobles support Louis, but he schemes to betray them.

The play finds its hero in another figure: the Bastard, Sir Richard Plantagenet, an illegitimate son of Richard I. Although he has an appetite for war, he also has a strong conscience and speaks with trenchant irony.

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Cover of the Folger Shakespeare edition of King John

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Grief fills the room up of my absent child

Act 3, scene 4, line 95

To gild refinèd gold, to paint the lily

Act 4, scene 2, line 11

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R.B. Mantell as King John
Ink drawing of a scene from King John. By Thomas Nast.
Miss Elsie Leslie as Prince Arthur. By Bernard Partridge.
From Heroines of Shakespeare. By John W. Wright.

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Early printed texts

King John was printed for the first time in the 1623 First Folio and that text serves as the source for all modern editions of the play, including the Folger edition.

The copy of the Second Folio (1632) digitized here was once owned by a Jesuit College in Spain and a censor blotted out some lines in the beginning of the third act.