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King John - Characters in the Play


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King John - Characters in the Play
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Characters in the Play

Characters in the Play
John, King of England, with dominion over assorted
 Continental territories

Queen Eleanor, King John’s mother, widow of King Henry II
Blanche of Spain, niece to King John
Prince Henry, son to King John
Constance, widow of Geoffrey, King John’s elder brother
Arthur, Duke of Brittany, her son
King Philip II of France
Louis the Dauphin, his son
Duke of Austria (also called Limoges)
Chatillion, ambassador from France to King John
Count Melun
A French Herald
Cardinal Pandulph, Papal Legate
Lady Faulconbridge
The Bastard, Philip Faulconbridge, her son by King Richard I
Robert Faulconbridge, her son by Sir Robert Faulconbridge
James Gurney, her servant
Hubert, supporter of King John
Earl of Salisbury
Earl of Pembroke
Earl of Essex
Lord Bigot
English nobles
A Citizen of Angiers
Peter of Pomfret, a Prophet
An English Herald
English Messenger, French Messenger, Sheriff, Lords, Soldiers, Attendants