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The Two Noble Kinsmen - Characters in the Play


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The Two Noble Kinsmen - Characters in the Play
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Characters in the Play

Characters in the Play
the two noble kinsmen, cousins,
nephews of Creon, King of Thebes
Theseus, Duke of Athens
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, later Duchess of Athens
Emilia, her sister
Pirithous, friend to Theseus
Three Queens, widows of the kings killed in laying siege to Thebes
The Jailer of Theseus’s prison
The Jailer’s Daughter
The Jailer’s Brother
The Wooer of the Jailer’s daughter
Two Friends of the Jailer
A Doctor
Artesius, an Athenian soldier
Valerius, a Theban
Woman, attending on Emilia
An Athenian Gentleman
Six Knights, three accompanying Arcite, three Palamon
Six Countrymen, one dressed as a Bavian or baboon
A Schoolmaster
Nell, a countrywoman
A Taborer
A singing Boy, a Herald, Messengers, a Servant
Hymen (god of weddings), lords, soldiers, four countrywomen (Fritz, Maudlin, Luce, and Barbary), nymphs, attendants, maids, executioner, guard