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Tip your hat to the Bard and his plays with works of art or your own visual whimsy. Upload your creations to social media, tagging @FolgerLibrary and using the hashtag #ShareYourShakespeare. For more inspiration, look for more of Shakespeare's text on cards and images in the Folger's Pinterest account.

Share your own paintings, drawings, cartoons, comics, still-life photos, dioramas, and more of scenes and characters from Shakespeare's plays and poems.

(These drawings of Falstaff by George Cruikshank can be found in our digital image collection.)

Try out the Folger's Color Our Collections, which includes printer-friendly coloring images based on the Folger collection—ranging from Shakespearean pictures to other images from Shakespeare's time.

Put your favorite Shakespeare passages on display in cards, posters, slides, or animated videos. (It's long past Valentine's Day, but our digital Valentine cards suggest plenty of ways to put Shakespeare's words to visual work.)


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Item Title: 
Mr. Garrick in the character of King Lear [graphic] / G. Francis
Item Call Number: 
ART 267631
Item Creator: 
Francis, George, 1790-1893, artist.
Item Date: 

Explore some of the Shakespeare paintings from the Folger collection exhibited in our Painting Shakespeare exhibition; choose a painting to enlarge it and learn more.

Try and recreate the pose, or create a new piece of art that represents your own take on the painting.