Throw a Shakespeare Party

Mark the day with a family or virtual party by Zoom, or some special treats. Upload your photos or videos from the party to social media, tagging @FolgerLibrary and using the hashtag #ShareYourShakespeare so everyone can find and enjoy them.

Resources to plan your celebration

  • Look for recipes from Shakespeare's time on the Folger's Shakespeare & Beyond blog. Having a party makes us think of taffety tarts, pumpkin pie, seed cake, marmalade, and hot chocolate, but there are many other delicious treats, including akara (black-eyed pea fritters) from Africa, potato pudding, citrus tarts, and much more. Too much to choose from? We've assembled a special celebratory menu.
  • To inspire more party ideas, learn more about food, drink, and merriment from the Folger's Shakespeare Unlimited podcast episodes.
  • Learn still more about food in Shakespeare's time from a variety of resources produced for Before 'Farm to Table': Early Modern Foodways and Cultures – scroll down to see videos, recipes, blog posts, and more.
  • Create your own Shakespeare cake or Shakespeare cookies with shapes from the plays, like moons, stars, daggers, skulls, and books. We look forward to seeing them!
  • Decorate the table with Shakespeare-inspired cards or place-holders.
  • Have a ruff-themed Elizabethan costume party, using the Folger video on Making a Ruff from a piece of paper.
  • Create Shakespearan selfies or do a "tableau vivant" of one of the Folger's Shakespeare bas-reliefs.
  • Play your favorite board game or video game with a Shakespearean twist, from Shakespeare-themed player's names to Elizabethan cards or pieces.
  • And if you have a musician in the house, we always say yes to more Shakespeare songs at any party. Listen to these Shakespeare Unlimited podcast episodes to inspire your choices: Music in Shakespeare and Music for Shakespeare's Lyrics.