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The Collation

Another (sort of) happy reunion...

A few months ago I wrote about the joys of bringing together parts of an archive or collection that had gone astray, and provided three recent examples (Manuscript reunions).  Well, it has happened again, but this time, the story is about a single piece of paper that was split into three parts.

The first part is an autograph letter from Sir Walter Raleigh to the London goldsmith Peter Vanlore, purchased by the Folger in 1995 (X.c.54). 

  1. Incidently, we have 34 volumes of John Pointer’s father’s sermons and sermon notes, cataloged as V.a.26-59.
  2. Raleigh’s work is better known from its printed title, The Prerogative of Parliaments [STC 20648]. It circulated widely in manuscript, with at least 33 copies surviving.

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