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Fall Round-up for Early Modern Manuscripts Online

Over the past few months, EMMO has been busy with several first-ever activities connected to transcribing manuscripts at the Folger.

In August, we transcribed excerpts from over twenty four manuscripts currently exhibited in the Age of Lawyers Exhibition (running until January 3rd 2016). These documents cover such fascinating topics as Customs of copyholders, Treatises on English law, By-laws of Warwick, a List of Jurors, and a List of Charges in legal Latin! These transcriptions and other information about the Exhibit can be found here. This is the first time the Folger has provided full transcriptions for an exhibition, and EMMO thoroughly enjoyed the cross-collaboration with Central Library, Conservation, and Exhibitions.


I can only say I am looking forward to participating if I can. I have transcribed thousands of pre-1700 documents but many of the Folger ones present real issues.
Cliff Webb

Cliff Webb — October 13, 2015


EMMO has had a busy fall! Great work Paul & Sarah – the project is clearly picking up a lot of steam. What is the target release date for the Shakespeare’s World tool?

Dylan Ruediger — October 14, 2015


I just clicked on the Snail Water link in the October 13 posting… and found that the following recipe also caught my attention – a drink to make when first exposed to the plague. Puts my little life problems in perspective!

Judy A. Fuller — November 8, 2015


I would like to participate, as well! I have a special interest in Shakespeare, and would be very glad to learn the necessary paleographic skills.

Jim Stark — January 6, 2016


Great to hear you would like to participate! Shakespeare’s World has recently launched, so that’s probably the best place to start with some online transcribing. Here’s the website: Welcome to the early modern paleography community!

Paul Dingman — January 8, 2016


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