Free Folger Friday: The Elfin Sprite

Friday, May 06, 2016, 6:00 pm
Folger Theatre

Join the Folger for a reading of a 19th century fairy tale, The Elfin Sprite and The Grim Grey Woman.

Inspired by a playbill in the America’s Shakespeare exhibition announcing actor Ira Aldridge’s first appearance in Othello, the program also advertises a performance of a new “serio-comic legendary fairy tale” called The Elfin Sprite to follow Shakespeare’s epic tragedy.

According to the playbill in the exhibition, The Elfin Sprite “was received on its 2d representation with roars of laughter and applause” and will therefore “be repeated every evening until further notice.” Elfin Sprite tells the story of the wicked Sir Joddril of Hilldersheim and his love for the virtuous Lady Blanch of Rowsenwould who is herself in love with the brave but poor Julian. When a comic duo of magical creatures try to set things straight, who knows what will happen? (Hint: it involves a magical Elfin Bridge, a hidden forest labyrinth, and document forgery.)

The Curator of America’s Shakespeare, Georgianna Ziegler, will introduce the evening and actor Todd Scofield (Folger Theatre: Mary Stuart, Othello, Cyrano, Henry V, Hamlet, King Lear, The Tempest, and Measure for Measure) brings this 1833 fairytale to life.