Who's Involved

The Wonder of Will Campaign Committee

Susan Sachs Goldman, Chair
D. Jarrett Arp
Vinton Cerf
Florence H. Cohen
J. May Liang


Donors to The Wonder of Will as of July 12, 2019


Stuart and Mimi Rose


Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


Anonymous (2)

Vinton and Sigrid Cerf

Florence and Neal Cohen

The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund

Susan Sachs Goldman

Maxine Isaacs

J. May Liang and James Lintott

Neal T. Turtell


The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation

Louis and Bonnie Cohen

Hutchins Family Foundation

The Honorable Eugene and Dr. Carol Ludwig

Sara Miller McCune

Mr. and Mrs. B. Francis Saul, II

Share Fund


Jeffrey P. Cunard and Mariko Ikehara

Margaret and David Gardner

Wyatt and Susan Haskell

Derek and Leora Kaufman

Jacqueline Badger Mars

Gail Kern Paster


Anonymous (2)

D. Jarrett and Nora Arp

Marcus Coles

Nicky Cymrot

Maygene and Steve Daniels

Denise Gwyn Ferguson

Stephen H. Grant

The Hearst Foundations

Karl K. and Carrol Benner Kindel

Arthur F. Kinney

Ken Ludwig and Adrienne George

The Estate of Herman J. Obermayer

Loren and Frances Rothschild

Paul Smith and Michael Dennis


Philip Deutch and Marne Levine

William L. Hopkins

John and Connie McGuire

Peter and Mary Jay Michel

The Mosaic Foundation (of R. & P. Heydon)

The Estate of Barbara Mowat

Darcy and Andrew Nussbaum

Lois Green Schwoerer

Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Small

Scott and Liz Vance

Nyla and Gerry Witmore, Drs. Kellie Robertson and Michael Witmore



Keith and Celia Arnaud

Judith Areen and Richard Cooper

Rebecca Bushnell and John Toner

Twiss and Patrick Butler

Heather and Dick Cass

Peter and Rose Edwards

William and Louisa Newlin

Deneen Howell and Donald Vieira

Laura Yerkovich and John Winkler