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The Merchant of Venice /

Textual Notes: The Merchant of Venice

The reading of the present text appears to the left of the square bracket. The earliest sources of readings not in Q1, the quarto of 1600, upon which this edition is based, are indicated as follows: Q2 is the quarto of 1619; F is the Shakespeare First Folio of 1623. Ed. is an earlier edition of Shakespeare, beginning with the Second Folio of 1632 to the present. No sources are given for emendations of punctuation or for corrections of obvious typographical errors, such as turned letters that produce no known word. SD means stage direction; SP means speech prefix; ~ refers to a word already quoted; corr. refers to the corrected state; uncorr. refers to the uncorrected state; ^ indicates the omission of a punctuation mark.

0. SD, 15 SP Solanio] Ed.; Salanio Q1, F
28. docked] Ed.; docks Q1, F
49. SP SOLANIO] Ed.; Sola. Q1, F
72. SP SALARINO] Ed.; Sala. (or Sal.) Q1, F
119. tongue] togue Q1
120. Is] Ed.; It is Q1, F
135. off] Q1 (of)
158. back] Q1 (bake)


55. Bon] Ed.; Boune Q1, F
61. throstle] Ed.; Trassell Q1, F
121. SD 1 line later in Q1


41. SP SHYLOCK] Ed.; Iew. (or Jew.) Q1, F
190. SD 1 line earlier in Q1, F


26. Sophy^ . . . prince,] Ed.; ~, . . . ~^ Q1, F
32. thee] Ed.; the Q1, F
36. page] Ed.; rage Q1, F


1. SP LANCELET] This ed.; Clowne. Q1, F
77. murder] muder Q1
98. last] Q2; lost Q1, F
117. SD The Attendant exits.] Q2 (Exit one of his men.); omit Q1, F
155. SP LANCELET] This ed.; Clowne. Q1, F
167. SD Lancelet and old Gobbo exit.] This ed.; Exit Clowne. Q1, F
174. SD 2 lines earlier in Q1, F


0. SD Lancelet Gobbo] This ed.; the Clowne Q1, F
10. SP LANCELET] This ed.; Clowne Q1, F
15. SD 1 line earlier in Q2, F


0. SD Solanio] Ed.; Salanio Q1, F
9. SD 1 line later in Q1, F; F adds “with a Letter.”
23. SD Lancelet exits.] This ed.; Q1 and F print “Exit Clowne” 3 lines later.
31. SP SALARINO] Ed.; Sal. Q1, F
28. SP SOLANIO] Ed.; Sol. Q1, F


0. SD was,] ~^ Q1, F
1. SP SHYLOCK] Ed.; Iewe. Q1, F
7 and thereafter until scene’s end. SP LANCELET] This ed.; Clowne. Q1, F
44. Jewess’] Ed.; Iewes Q1, F


22. threatens. Men] ~^ ~ Q1, F
77. tombs] Ed.; timber Q1, F


41. Slubber] Q2, F; slumber Q1


51. chaff] chaft Q1
70. judgment] iudement Q1
109. Bassanio, Lord Love] Ed.; Bassanio Lord, loue Q1, F


0. SD Enter] Q2, F; omit Q1
22. SD placed as in Q2; 1 line later in Q1, F
30. fledge] Q1 (flidge)
73. SP SERVINGMAN] Ed.; omit Q1, F
78. SD Salarino . . . exit.] Exeunt Gentlemen. Q1, F; Q1 then repeatsEnter Tuball.”
106. heard] Ed.; heere Q1, F
120. turquoise] Ed.; Turkies Q1, F


0. SD Enter . . . Nerissa.] Enter Bassanio, Portia, Gratiano, and all their traynes. Q1
22. time,] ~. Q1
63. live. With] ~^ ~ Q1
71. lies.] ~^ Q1
76. ornament.] ~^ Q1
83. vice] Ed.; voyce Q1, F
86. stairs] Ed.; stayers Q1, F
203. loved; for] ~^ ~ Q1
222. SD 2 lines later in Q1, F
245. SD opens] F; open Q1


0. SD Solanio] F; Salerio Q1; Salarino Q2
1 and thereafter in the scene. SP SHYLOCK] Ed.; Iew. Q1, F
18. SD He] This ed.; Iew. Q1, F
19. SP SOLANIO] Ed.; Sol. Q1, F
27. SP SOLANIO] Ed.; Sal. Q1; Sol. F


20. soul^] ~; Q1
23. Hear] Q1 (heere)
23. things:] ~^ Q1
31. monastery] Q2, F; Monastry Q1
50. Padua] Ed.; Mantua Q1, F
51. cousin’s] F; cosin Q1
55. traject] Ed.; Tranect Q1, F
58. SD He exits.] Q2; omit Q1, F
85. my whole] Q2, F; my my whole Q1


1 and throughout scene. SP LANCELET] This ed.; Clowne. Q1, F
5. o’] Q1 (a); of F
21. e’en] Q1 (in)
27. comes] Q2, F; come Q1
63. SD Lancelet] This ed.; Clowne Q1, F
76. merit it] Ed.; meane it, it Q1, F; meane it, then Q2
84. a] F; omit Q1
89. howsome’er] how so mere Q1
90. digest] Q1 (disgest)
91. SD They exit.] F (Exeunt.); Exit. Q1


31. his state] Q2, F; this states Q1
32. flint] Q2; flints Q1, F
36 and thereafter until line 189. SP SHYLOCK.] Ed.; Iewe. Q1, F
37. Sabbath] Q1 (Sabaoth)
52. urine; for affection^ / Masters oft] Ed.; vrine^ for affection. / Maisters of Q1, F
74. You may as] Q1 corr., Q2; omit Q1 uncorr.; Or euen as F
75. Why he hath made] Q1 corr.; Q2; omit Q1 uncorr., F
75. bleat] F; bleake Q1
76. mountain] F; mountaine of Q1
101. ’tis] Q2, F; as Q1
122. both, my lord. Bellario] Ed.; both? my L. Bellario Q1; both. / My Lord Bellario F
138. whilst] Q2, F; whilest Q1
168. You] Ed.; Duke. You Q1, F
168. SD 1 line earlier in Q1, F
238. No] Q2, F; Not Q1
260 and thereafter until line 327. SP SHYLOCK.] Ed.; Iew. Q1, F
338. off] Q1 (of)
332. SP SHYLOCK.] Ed.; Iew. Q1, F
416. SP GRATIANO] Q2, F; Shy. Q1
467. Lord] Q2; L. Q1, F
469. wife’s] Q1 (wiues)


0. SD Portia and] F; omit Q1
7. Lord] Q2; L. Q1, F
23. you] yov Q1
23. SD They exit.] F; omit Q1


41. SP STEPHANO] Ed.; Messen. or Mess. Q1, F
47 and thereafter until scene’s end. SP LANCELET] This ed.; Clowne. Q1, F
50. Master Lorenzo? Master Lorenzo] Ed.; M. Lorenzo, & M. Lorenzo Q1, F
59. Stephano] Q2; Stephen Q1, F
64. ears; soft] ~^ ~ Q1, F
76. SD Music plays.] Q2; play Musique. Q1, F
89. floods,] ~. Q1, F
96. Erebus] Ed.; Terebus Q1; Erobus F
119. SD Music ceases.] F; omit Q1
134. SD A trumpet sounds.] This ed.; A Tucket sounds. F; omit Q1
165. it] Q2, F; omit Q1
180. wife’s] Q1 (wiues)
249. my] Q2, F; mine Q1
322. inter’gatory] Q1 corr. (intergotory), F; intergory Q1 uncorr.