Shakespeare Unlimited Podcast

William Shakespeare and his works are woven throughout our global culture, from theater, music, and films to new scholarship, education, amazing discoveries, and more. In the Folger's Shakespeare Unlimited podcast, Shakespeare opens a window into topics ranging from the American West, to the real history of Elizabethan street fighting, to interviews with Shakespearean stars. As you'll hear, he turns up in surprising places, too—including outer space. Join us for a "no limits" tour of the connections between Shakespeare, his works, and our world.

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Shakespeare Unlimited is produced for the Folger by Richard Paul, an award-winning public radio documentary producer and author. Garland Scott, who heads up communications and marketing for the Folger, is the associate producer. Gail Kern Paster, consulting editor of Shakespeare Quarterly and director emerita of the Folger, edits the series. For many episodes, Esther Ferington, who writes for Folger Magazine and has developed online, print, and other projects for the Folger and other institutions, also edited the series. The team first worked together on the Folger’s three-part documentary for public radio, Shakespeare in American Life. Ben Lauer is the web producer, with Esther French before him. Shakespeare Unlimited hosts include Barbara Bogaev, Neva Grant, and Rebecca Sheir, with introductions by Folger Director Michael Witmore.