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All's Well That Ends Well

A scene from All's Well That Ends Well

Introduction to the play

Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well is the story of its heroine, Helen, more so than the story of Bertram, for whose love she yearns. Helen wins Bertram as her husband despite his lack of interest and higher social standing, but she finds little happiness in the victory as he shuns, deserts, and attempts to betray her.

The play suggests some sympathy for Bertram. As a ward to the French king, he must remain at court while his friends go off to war and glory. When Helen cures the King, he makes Bertram available to her. To exert any control over his life, Bertram goes to war in Italy.

Helen then takes the initiative in furthering their marriage, undertaking an arduous journey and a daring trick. Few today, however, see a fairy-tale ending.

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… ’Twere all one
That I should love a bright particular star
And think to wed it, he is so above me.

Act 1, scene 1, lines 90–92

The web of our life is of a mingled yarn,
good and ill together.

First Lord
Act 4, scene 3, lines 73–74

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Act V, scene III, King, Countess, Lafeu ... Bertram guarded, Diana & a widow
One in a set of 7 original drawings by Byam Shaw
A scene from All's Well That Ends Well by John Wright
From Heroines of Shakespeare, a series by John W. Wright

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Early printed texts

All’s Well That Ends Well was published for the first time in the 1623 First Folio, and that text is the source of all later editions of the play.