Classroom Resources

Looking for reliable Folger resources to use in the classroom? Check out our Shakespeare publications!

At the Folger Shakespeare Library, we’re proud to work alongside teachers from across the country to develop engaging, effective tools for teaching and learning Shakespeare and other complex texts.

The Folger approach

Our approach to education:

  • Connects students with Shakespeare’s language head on, so that they own the plays and everything in them.
  • Builds on that foundation with elements of performance and scholarship, at a level and in a way that only the Folger Shakespeare Library can.
  • Supports all students in reading closely, asking good questions, citing textual evidence, and benefiting from lasting relationships with words and ideas.

To learn more about how we’re helping teachers promote and assess deep learning, take a look at our teaching philosophy and statement on the Common Core—or visit Making a Scene, our blog for teachers.

The Folger's teaching modules offer a road map for using the Folger approach in the classroom. Try a teaching module and see for yourself how powerful this kind of learning can be!